Ford Mustang Fastback 289 HP. was the first real sports car I had, where you could sense the power and strength a sports car has.

Then I bought a Lotus Esprit with Reg. Nr. JT 20 007. The car is named after the model that was in the James Bond movie. The number plate was bought by a car dealer – This was many years before you could buy custom number plates.

The Ferrari passion itself started in 1985- My wife Kirsten and I were on our way to a board meeting in Copenhagen, where we sailed with Mols Linien to Odden.

On the Stock Exchange, there was a Ferrari 308 GTB for sale – This was before the mobile phone had arrived – The first kiosk over at Odden we stopped at, I borrowed a phone and contacted the seller of the mentioned Ferrari.

We agreed that we would meet at Hellerup Parkhotel.

The car arrived with the characteristic Ferrari sound – but it was white in the paintwork – The owner pointed out that it was no problem – He would paint the Ferrari red – which happened within 2 weeks, after which we got the car delivered in Viborg – of course, my ordinary Mercedes 300 SL was included in the trade, I had to find the money for the car.

The Ferrari was bought without tax – I said goodnight to the car down in our garage every night for 2 years before we had collected the money together to pay the registration tax of DKK 295,000 – Then we were driving in a Ferrari on Danish number plates.


The passion for Ferrari cars grew, I was a co-founder of the Ferrari club in 1987

At the time, there were at most 10 Ferrari’s in Denmark.

The Ferrari fever raged on, I bought one of the first Ferrari Testarossa in Denmark, brand new in 1989, on Danish plates!

This was the start of the sales company, PRESTIGE CARS.


On the occasion of Enzo Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, the Ferrari F40 was introduced, the supercar above them all at that time, and in fact also to this day, in the opinion of many.

We succeeded in buying the model from the Ferrari importer Damgaard Nielsen in 1992, after many lengthy negotiations – and at a very high price!

This Ferrari F40 has now driven 23,500 km and is still like a new car – super nice and very fast with turbo.


In the early ’90s, I was a co-founder of a company, FERRARI CHALLENGE SCANDINAVIA, where we ran track races in the Nordic countries. It became 6-7 races per year.

I had a dream that we would drive in the old models from 308 model and upwards, but it quickly became a very big competition with the 360 Challenge model and 355 Challenge – we drove for a few years until the crisis in 2008 put an end to having enough money for this, everywhere in the Nordic countries – unfortunately!


Over the years I have visited the Ferrari factory in Maranello several times – Always exciting, to get back to the roots where it all started.

I once participated in an exciting event at the factory in the year 2005, where my Ferrari 275 GTB year 1965, was invited on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the car’s production.

Everyone in the world who had such a model was invited – we were 75 cars at this event, the biggest I have experienced with an Oldtimer Ferrari. Of course, my wife Kirsten and I drove back and forth to Italy in the car.


I have also participated in MILLE MIGLIA year 99, where I drove in a car, Ferrari Biondetti from 1951, this car has won Mille Miglia several times- very exciting but strenuous in an open car, 1000 miles in 3 days- but we completed the race- statuette best Danes!

Also driven HISTORICAL MONTE CARLO Year 2004 in my Ferrari 275 GTB. We completed this demanding race, in the middle of the field, and we were the only Ferrari of all starting cars.


I have been a member of the FERRARI OWNERS CLUB for all the years, also been president of the club.

I have since the start of the company, PRESTIGE CARS, sold hundreds of Ferrari cars, to most of Europe. Everything from the Ferrari 246 Dino in the early 70s to today’s brand new models.

It is completely unique that Ferrari can be traced back to ENZO FERRARI, which started as a race car driver and in 1947 started his own production of these magnificent cars, which really touches me deeply every single day.

I am very proud of my journey with the Ferrari cars, which have been a big part of my life and will continue to be so.


With kind regards
Prestige Cars

Kaj Bertelsen

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